The Growing Premium Dog Food Market

When buying dog food for your furry companion, the choices are almost unlimited. The shelves at your favorite pet store or grocery are lined with hundreds of products in a bewildering array of flavors and all making claims they are the best for your best four-legged friend. A recent article in the Chicago Daily Herald ( looked at the $23.7 billion dog food business. According to the article, the biggest growth in pet food sales is in the premium category. These new products claim they are healthier and use better products than the lower-cost and quality competition. It is true that many lower-quality foods contain fillers that offer no nutritional value to your pet. The new entrants in the market boast of manufacturers using real meats not only from traditional sources like chicken, beef and lamb but of wild game and fish. Using real meat is important in any dog food since a dog like ours, cannot produce some of the essential amino acids necessary for a healthy life. The best and only source for these proteins is real meat. Not only do these new products offer healthy and better ingredients, but some can be customized to fit your own dog’s health and wellness needs. For example, some manufacturers offer the option of custom blending foods specific dietary needs. Others offer foods that have been designed at the molecular level to help in the treatment and management of canine diabetes or arthritis. One manufacturer of a good, high-quality food for your dog is Nestle Purina Petcare. The Purina company has been around for over a hundred years and has invested millions of dollars and man-hours into researching the optimal nutritional needs to keep our pets healthy and live a long and happy life. All Beneful Brand Dog Foods include 100% of the daily dietary requirements your pet needs including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Beneful uses only the best quality produce and meats including beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon. The foods can be found in either moist or dry kibble form and in a number of different package sizes. The varieties include blends that offer your pet an Italian flavor based on pasta, or traditional comfort foods like stews.

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