Monthly Archives: February 2016
Quality Dog Food is the Beneful Way

Beneful Provides Years of Experience Beneful has the solid experience that leaves every dog owner confident. The confidence comes with a brand that can be fully trusted. Beneful knows exactly what makes every dog happy and healthy. This can only come from experience with dog health and nutrition. Beneful has done the research. The team […]

The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a well known businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to giving back to others through philanthropy as well as through his well known business. Mr. Levenson is mostly known for co-founding the United Communications Group along side Ed Peskowitz and being the co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson has […]

Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle Discuss Penny Sparrow’s Racist Rant

Although many people argue that much racial progress has been made in America and throughout the world, others maintain that we have a long way to go. This is the primary argument of Woke Twitter. As an organization committed to raising levels of consciousness regarding the reality of racism, the members of the group are […]

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Has a Villain

The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series is getting the big screen cinema reboot. The new television series is slated to remain independent of the movie Saban and Lionsgate are bringing forth. The big news coming out of the project is the lead villain has been cast. Elizabeth Banks has landed the coveted role […]

Are Vegetables Really Healthy for Dogs?

Many people jokingly report being allergic to all vegetables. Most of the time, they eat what they want, (which typically is a steak, a bacon cheeseburger or some potato chips, when they have a choice). Many people like this are also a little leery of dog food that contains vegetables and whole grains. However, pet […]