Are Vegetables Really Healthy for Dogs?

Many people jokingly report being allergic to all vegetables. Most of the time, they eat what they want, (which typically is a steak, a bacon cheeseburger or some potato chips, when they have a choice). Many people like this are also a little leery of dog food that contains vegetables and whole grains. However, pet owners that don’t understand why healthy dog food brands feature a variety of vegetables are really missing out. They often don’t realize that they could improve their beloved pet’s quality of life dramatically by introducing on Amazon a healthy food like Beneful to their dog’s diet.

In many ways, it’s truly a bad idea to dismiss food that might be extremely healthy for your pet as just some other hippie or new wave hype; when there is nothing new or inherently trendy about carrots, peas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains and lean meats. These foods, (all common ingredients in Purina Store Beneful recipes), are simply just healthy and delicious foods.

In addition, what is true about all good dog owners, (whether heavy meat-eating omnivores or vegans), is that they love their dogs and want them to be healthy. In addition, most heavy meat-eating omnivores realize that their dietary habits — much like smoking — are putting their health at risk in many ways.

-High meat diets in humans can lead to:

-Heart disease,

-High blood pressure,

-Gastric distress and ulcers,

-Weight gain,

-And many other dangerous and related conditions

Unfortunately, though dogs do have different body systems, the same is still true for them. When dogs consume high quantities of low quality meats, they can suffer the same health problems and many more. In addition, though dogs are descendents of wolves, wolves didn’t even eat a diet that consisted of 100% meat. Wolves in the wild have always eaten a diet that consisted of 70% meat and 30% wild vegetables and grains. Many people assume that wolves eat all meat just because they’re wild animals and predators, but this simply isn’t true.

However, it’s easy to start feeding your pet healthy food today

Beneful brand dog food by Purina comes in a variety of recipes that encourage things like healthy weight management, the proper nutrition for growing puppies and energy boosting for active dogs.


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