The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a well known businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to giving back to others through philanthropy as well as through his well known business. Mr. Levenson is mostly known for co-founding the United Communications Group along side Ed Peskowitz and being the co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson has been involved with the business industry for over 40 years and has been growing in both success as well as popularity over the years. With Mr. Levenson’s success, he has been able to give back to his community through volunteering as well as donating.

Bruce Levenson was born and raised in the DC area. Mr. Levenson grew up with a Jewish family who taught him both traditional values as well as family values. When Levenson has an important decision to make, he always consults his family on the matter first.

After growing up in the DC area, Mr. Levenson attended Washington University which is located in St. Louis. This prestigious school enabled him to prepare for law school at American University which earned him knowledge of the business as well as the legal industry.

Mr. Levenson began his successful career in 1977 when he founded the United Communications Group along side Ed Peskowitz. The company was formed with the mission of providing the public about the oil industry. The company would provide information through weekly newsletters that were printed in the apartment of Bruce Levenson. Once the company gained prestige, Mr. Levenson and his partner acquired several other newsletters to expand their information. This privatized company became specialized in news and analysis for healthcare, energy, technology, mortgage banking, telecommunications, and other industries.

Among Mr. Levenson’s accomplishments, he is well known for being the former owner for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. As the owner, Mr. Levenson acted not only as the team’s owner, but also as the manager of the team. His goal for his team was to promote well-being and to educate his team on matters that were outside of basketball. Mr. Levenson distinctly remembers taking his team on a field trip to the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum in order to educate his team on the history of his people.

With Mr. Levenson’s success, he has become a notable donor and volunteer to various organizations in the D.C. area. One of the biggest initiatives to which he is supportive of is the initiative to offer education opportunities to those who do not have the finances. One of the largest organizations to receive his donations is the I Have a Dream Foundation. This organization is dedicated to helping those who come from low-income families to pursue higher education that will lead to a high amount of success.



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