Skout’s Employees Take Part In Random Acts Of Kindness Week

I’m someone who is constantly on the go. I travel for work, so I’m always going to new cities, and it is really nice to know someone when you go to a new city. Knowing someone in a new city can help you find interesting places to go, find new places to eat, and discover the hidden gems in a city. When I went to Austin, Texas recently I found myself alone and miserable. Then, I found out about Skout.

Skout is an online application that allows you to meet people over your mobile device. I was meeting new friends, and I ended up having a great time in Austin without feeling the blues by my lonesome self. I ended up attending a bluegrass concert with my new friend that I met on Skout. I still stay in touch with him, and we plan to go to another bluegrass concert when the weather gets warmer. This time my friend is coming to my city. I’m so excited, and I owe it all to Skout.

Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Have you been kind to strangers yet this year? The Random Acts Of Kindness Week is an international holiday where we are reminded to be kind to strangers throughout the year while being involved in as many random acts of kindness that we can muster up for a whole week in February. Skout actually took part in the week of kind acts in a few different ways.

Skout had their employees take part in the Random Acts Of Kindness Week by having them be part of a food drive for their local food bank in the San Fransisco area. They raised a bunch of food for the needy, and it felt great to give back to their community. They are setting a good example for the rest of us. In their survey that was published on Uloop’s website, Skout identifies the top random acts of kindness as ranked by their users. They actually polled 2,700 of their users about what they view as meaningful in terms of kind acts. The results are pretty interesting, and they give us all some great ideas of ways to be kind to strangers in our daily lives. According to the survey, 93 percent of people surveyed have done a random act of kindness already. Take a look at Uloop for more information.

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