George Soros European Solutions To European Asylum Problem

Renowned Forbes billionaire philanthropist, George Soros has written a provocative piece on MarketWatch on how Europe can deal with the influx of asylum seekers entering its boundaries. In this excerpt, Soros decries the dysfunctional response in European regarding the refugee issue. He also proposes a raft of measures, ranging from financial support to policy frameworks for dealing with the crisis. Soros first solution is for the EU to allow in a million asylum seekers annually. He proposes a budget of Euro 15,000 or $16,800 per asylum seeker to cover health-care, housing and education in the first 2 years of implementation.
George Soros second plan is for the EU to lead a global effort to support 4 million refugees currently living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The plan should also include an annual budget of at least $8 billion Euros to support Frontline states at the center of the current refugee and migrant crisis. The third plan is for the EU to begin the process of building a joint asylum and migration agency, which should later culminate in a single EU border guard. George Soros believes such a move he proposed via MarketWatch will eliminate the existing patchwork of 28 different asylum systems that have largely been dysfunctional.

Soros fourth proposal for dealing with the asylum crisis is for the nations of the world to set up safe channels that would enable asylum seekers to get through to their intended destinations. This should begin with the asylum seekers currently living in Italy and Greece. The plan, according to Soros should involve Europe, the Frontline states and the UN Refugee Agency. The fifth point is for the EU to develop a comprehensive policy framework stating how asylum seekers and migrants should be treated. Finally, Soros encourages key private sector players, including church organizations, NGOs and businesses in the EU to work with their respective governments to integrate the 1 million plus asylum and migrants that are expected in Europe annually.

George Soros
George Soros is the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Soros Fund Management. He is also unvaryingly known as the pioneer in the hedge fund industry, funder of democratic causes and an accomplished author. According to, Soros is most famous for the $1 billion single day gain he made on September 16, 1992 by short selling the British pound. This trade stands as one of the greatest gains of all time in the high stakes financial world. In politics, Soros has intervened and engineered the fall of repressive regimes by bankrolling popular movements in bloodless demonstrations.

According to, Soros was instrumental in undermining the fall of communist and authoritarian regimes in Central and Eastern Europe. Case in point, in 1976 he funded “Chapter 77” a famous landmark document that demanded the Czech government to recognize basic human rights. The NY Books document covered freedom to political opinions, freedom of expression and freedom to express religious beliefs. George Soros remains a staunch supporter of liberal and progressive causes, something that has seen him donate over $12 billion to various philanthropic since 1979.

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