Monthly Archives: April 2016
30 Day Free Trials From Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is a Founder and More Bob Reina is the Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina knows that technology will be useful if it has the ability to solve real needs in the world. He believes in thinking ahead and incorporating innovation in this video communications company. Reina believes that innovation […]

Yeonmi Park’s Journey To Freedom

Yeonmi Park has been covered on, and she is the subject of a story about someone who left North Korea only to go back to South Korea to fight for her people. Yeonmi Park’s story is a terrible one that has her seeing dead bodies in the streets, seeing her father go to jail […]

George Soros Philanthropist and Business Magnate

According to George Soros there are four basic gaps in the asylum argumentation that surfaced from last month’s EU-Turkey bargaining table which consequently triggered the deportation of hundreds of unfortunate displaced asylum hopefuls from Greece to Turkey. First of all the strategy unfortunately is not completely European, it was negotiated with Turkey on and […]

Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism, Sanders And Much More

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has thrown his hat into the ring of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election with his public backing of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Halvorssen used an appearance on the Fox Business channel show “The Intelligence Report” to bring his own experiences of socialism to explain […]