Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism, Sanders And Much More

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has thrown his hat into the ring of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election with his public backing of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Halvorssen used an appearance on the Fox Business channel show “The Intelligence Report” to bring his own experiences of socialism to explain how Bernie Sanders can be a success for the people of the U.S. should he win the Presidency.

Thor Halvorssen has been a major part of the human rights activism sector for the majority of his adult life and occupied important positions within many of the world’s most important charities; after spending a large amount of time working within the confines of other charities the need to make his own way as an activist led to his establishment of the closed society specializing Human Rights Foundation based in New York city.

Socialism is a political ideology Thor Halvorssen has been involved with for a number of years after growing up in Venezuela where socialism has been part of the political landscape for decades. Halvorseen provided a brief, but enlightened explanation of socialism for Fox Business host Trish Regan before setting out on a discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of the political theory. Socialism in Venezuela can provide a glimpse into both the good and bad aspects of socialism, which includes the fixing of prices that has led to a growing humanitarian crisis in the South American country.

Thor Halvorssen did go on to explain the view of Bernie Sanders that socialism in the European tradition could be of benefit to the people of the U.S. if the pattern is followed by a future President. Halvorssen believes socialism is a good idea if it is used in small amounts throughout the government of a country, but he went on to caution that as a dominant theory the ideology could cause major issues for any country that allows a socialist government to come to power; Halvorssen ( is-this-the-face-of-a-new-global-human-rights-movement backs Sanders as he has developed a unique image as a self described Democratic Socialist.

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