Securus Technologies Implicates GTL of Misdeeds

Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of inmates’ communication, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking. The company serves close to 2,600 correctional facilities. More than 1,000,000 detainees use Securus Technologies services. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and four regional offices at Dallas Metro and the other one in Atlanta, Georgia. Many law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies rely on Securus for secure, straightforward and robust technology solutions that are always accessible and easy to use.
Securus Technologies announced a release of multiple reports, fact, and findings that would highlight the integrity breaches of Global Tel-Link. The CEO of Securus, Mr. Smith, felt disappointed that some carriers in the industry would stoop very low and were money-motivated rather than customer service-oriented. Securus would review the wrongdoings of GTL in press releases over the next six months.
The Lousiana Public Service Commission (PSC) investigated GTL and found out that they had programmed their telephone clocks at correctional facilities to add 15 to 36 seconds after the call was over. According to the PSC, this action was unauthorized and unlawful. GTL also programmed its telephone call rates to be higher than that permitted under the tariffs or the PSC rate cap. The PSC also found out that GTL was practicing billing o single calls more than once, yet there was no authorization for this action. Further investigations yielded that GTL was artificially inflating charges to the call costs after they were rated.
The Louisiana PSC concluded that most of the wrongdoings committed by GTL were deliberate. Their actions lead to Louisiana taxpayers being overcharged $1,243,000 by GTL. Mr. Smith concluded by saying that high levels of integrity were necessary for the industry and that time alone was not enough to take away the sins of GTL.

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