Monthly Archives: August 2016
A Review of the Professional Life of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is presently the Chief Compliance Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at Hall Capital Partners. This firm really stepped up to the lack of confidence in the financial sector brought about by the financial crisis of 2008. And because of this stepping up as the ethics and integrity, they have become […]

Using Modern Software Innovations To Good Advantage

In recent article, August 23rd of 2016 saw the announcement of new software aimed at independent retailers of durable goods. Durable goods are things like furniture, appliances and mattresses. What’s interesting about this software isn’t the furniture it helps retailers sell, but the broad application and possibilities surrounding it. The software was developed by […]

What is the SEC?

There are a lot of government programs designed to keep people safe. One of the ways the government ensures their success in planning is to have various organizations control people. The SEC stands for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Their job is to make sure that everyone is following the law when it comes to […]

White Shark Media Sets New Standards In AdWords Management

White Shark Media has arrived. The company wants entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in connecting with customers to do so in the most cost-effective manner. The firm runs PPC/AdWords campaign management. Total planning and strategizing for Google and Bing AdWords campaigns is done on behalf of those clients who sign on with the service.  Learn […]

Norka Luque: A Musical Inspiraiton

Over the last several decades there have been many famous latina singers who have risen to fame. Through different avenues they have all come to represent a large Latina global musical heritage. Norka Luque has risen to become a hugely inspirational singer with a life story that acts as a beacon of encouragement for young […]

Thor Halvorssen Brings His Personal Experience Of Human Rights Issues To The Activism Community

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most innovative and unique human rights activists in the world with a long career working to end the abuses many in the world face on a daily basis. One thing Thor Halvorssen cannot be accused of is lacking an opinion on political matters and society as a whole, which […]

Testing Out Wen

When you think of your hair care routine, you’re likely thinking about a few different products, and maybe the length of time it takes to wash and style your hair. Some have it easier than others, but for the most part, it doesn’t come all that easy. Instead of purchasing several hair formulas, it might […]