Thor Halvorssen Brings His Personal Experience Of Human Rights Issues To The Activism Community

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most innovative and unique human rights activists in the world with a long career working to end the abuses many in the world face on a daily basis. One thing Thor Halvorssen cannot be accused of is lacking an opinion on political matters and society as a whole, which has seen the half Norwegian and half Venezuelan find himself at the center of many events that have left him in dangerous situations. One such event saw Halvorssen and a camera operator beaten by Vietnamese officials after interviewing a religious leader held under house arrest in the country.

For all the events he has witnessed and been at the center of Thor Halvorssen maintains an upbeat and personable appearance in his daily dealings, which is shocking to see for those who know and understand the personal history of the Hollywood movie producer. Halvorssen brings a wealth of personal experience to his role as founder and figurehead of the Human Rights Foundation, including both his parents being physically harmed because of the opposition to the ruling government of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen believes the key to avoiding future issues with human rights abuses is educating the young people of the world to seek out and act to solve these issues. Halvorssen has acted as the patron of the “Children’s Peace Movement” since 2009, a role that sees him assist children from European countries who interact with their peers in war torn countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

The major role played by Halvorssen in his human rights activism comes in the form of his position at the head of the Human Rights Foundation, which has seen him publicly criticize politicians on both the right and left of global politics. Halvorssen has also sought to make sure those he works with have a personal knowledge of human rights abuses, such as HRF President Gary Kasparov who has been an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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