Davos REG: The Future of Real Estate Investing

On June 22, 2016, the Davos Real Estate Group announced that they are launching a new mobile app. The “Davos CAP Calculator” is Davos Real Estate Group’s response to a customer based demand. In the past customers had to estimate their real estate investment returns on their own, but now there’s an app for that. As one of the independent companies that make up Davos Financial Group, this new app offers new opportunities that may lead to an array of new financial avenues. The Davos Financial Group is an accomplishment in itself, as an international financial leader in the Latin-American market for over 20 years. It is one of the leader companies that offer comprehensive financial advice. This new app uses the latest technology platforms available and can currently be downloaded on both the iPhone and Android devices. Davos REG stated that this app is only the beginning of complementary series of apps. This series will allow customers to identify property investments simply by using their phones or other mobile devices. With this new direction Davos REG is going, it has been able to expand its platform by more than 60% which has also led to an increase in sales over 75%. Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html

This latest venture is contributed, in part, to David Osio, Executive Director and founder of Davos Financial Group. He has an impressive understanding of financial practices across many various sectors. His expansive knowledge started with he earned a law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. It was also there that he got his first experience dealing with banking and finance. With his new found interests, he subsequently assumed responsibility at MGO Law Firm, in Caracas, as Director. There, he offered legal advice to their many corporate clients. He would later further his studies by attending IESA and the New York Institute of Finance. He then worked as a manager in the Private Banking Division at Latino International Bank in Miami. In less than two years, he was made Vice President of Commercial Banking. In 1993, he decided to found Davos Financial Group, which at the time was a conglomerate of other independent companies that offer the same kind of financial advice. Now as CEO, David has cultivated a proactive form of leadership. Davos Financial Group maintains brokering agreements with banks from all over the world.

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