Monthly Archives: October 2016
Affordable  Loans for Investors

Equities First Holdings is a well-known private full-service company that provides alternative loans to organizations and individuals in the world. At the moment, Equities First Holdings has expanded its services to an international scale, and it mostly focuses on securities based lending solutions to people who want to raise capital for their businesses fast. The […]

Magnises Brings Luxury to the Masses

It’s 2016 and our world is pretty much ruled by ‘apps’. Apps are what make your phones so popular and powerful. Nowadays tech based entrepreneurs are looking for the next big thing and the next great way to hook their potential customers. Magnises founder and CEO Billy McFarland came up with a way to bring […]

Benefits of wearing lip balm

The human body naturally produces an oil that keeps the lips moist and healthy. It is important to keep the lips moist because it prevents chapped or dry lips and cracks in the skin. During the winter time the cold temperatures and wind can dry out the lips. One lick can wipe out all of […]

Operating A Healthcare Staffing Agency at the Highest Level

Brian Torchin is someone who knows what makes healthcare facilities tick. Through his HCRC staffing agency, Brian Torchin has helped staff some of the finest hospitals in America. His agency provides a two sided service. He staffs healthcare facilities, but he also gives medical professionals services needed to advance their careers. Through his agency medical […]