George Soros Aims To Establish Rightful Democracies Across The World And Help People While Doing So

In the beautiful world of Philanthropy, George Soros is a well-known name. George is a man who has played an extremely vital role in people’s lives by helping their countries choose the best political leaders as mentioned on Politico. George has been part of numerous political movements all over the world and has always fought for just and right laws to be passed. Some media outlets have even dubbed George Soros as one of the most influential individuals in the world owing to the significant role he has played in shaping governments in numerous countries across the world.

George stands by his extremely high moral value and believes that he can help the world establish just foundations and political systems. According to an interview with The Independent, Soros compared himself to the God which is described in the Old Testament of The Bible. Through his numerous charities and organizations, George Soros has managed to change the lives of various people for the better. He also describes himself as ‘all-seeing,’ which gives him the ability to critically analyze systems and predict the outcome of political parties in power on Needless to say, George has made his impact on the world, through politics and charitable giving.

George Soros grew up in Budapest, in a family who followed Judaism. In 1944 when Nazi’s invaded the town of Budapest, George witnessed the political unrest created by the party that was in power at the time and sought to always fight for the right form of governance to come to power. A few years later, George and his entire family moved to London where George attained a degree from the London School of Economics on George has always wanted to help people, but realizing that he would need an enormous amount of money to do so, set out on his journey to make a name for himself in the financial world.

George moved to New York and started working on Wall Street; It was here that George made his first successful hedge fund investment, which garnered him his fortune. Over the years, George has made an enormous impact on the field of finance all over the world. Soros has used this money to help numerous people all over the world and has donated large sums of money to various organizations. One of his more well-known groups is Open Society Foundation which helps communities and people of different countries establish a just system of governance. Through this organization, he has helped numerous political movements and impacted democracies all over the world.

Soros has also played a significant role in American political systems and has helped the Democratic Party to a great extent. Siding with the party, Soros has helped numerous organizations which they support and has also actively fought for the laws the party aims to protect.

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