Monthly Archives: May 2017
The DeVos’ Living The American Dream

Dick Devos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos, of the Amway Dynasty. He ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006. DeVos was President and CEO Of the Orlando Magic basketball team for three years; which happens to be my favorite team. He started the Education Freedom Fund. He wrote a best-selling book in 1997, […]

The Wessex Institute Conferences

The Wessex Institute in Ashurst, Southampton, UK has been facilitating conferences around the world furthering advances in the environment, nature, science and global issues for nearly a decade. Their conferences are quite unique whereas the papers presented are quite often available in hard book and electronic format. This is done by the Wessex institute’s skilled […]

Bob Reina Is The Man Making Action

When it comes to life, there are people that take action and there are people that sit on the sidelines. Bob Reina has never been the kind of person that likes to sit on the sidelines. He likes to be right there in the action and making things happen. He knows that is how real […]

Arthur Becker- Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC

Arthur Becker is an American businessman, and entrepreneur dealing in investments in biotechnology, real estates, and information technology. He currently lives in New York. Madison Partners, LLC is an investment organization that deals in early stage biotechnology ventures, and real estate. Additionally, the company specializes in property, and asset management. Also, Madison Partners, LLC, deals […]