Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, the Brain Behind Editorial Televisa’s Success

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo’s Background

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is the CEO of Editorial Televisa, an influential media company in the Spanish-Speaking nations. Televisa broadcasts several shows throughout Mexico and some parts of the United States. Editorial Televisa’s over 20-pay television brands have helped it extend its presence in the Latin American community. Porfirio joined Editorial Televisa in 2006 as the Chief of staff in the Finance Department. He is passionately dedicated to helping Editorial Televisa accomplish its mission. Editorial Televisa attributes its success to Porfirio Sanchez Galindo.

Previously, Porfirio Sanchez served as a Mexican confidant for Finance. As such, he has an extensive background in the world of economics. Porfirio Sanchez leverages his knowledge in finance to navigate opportunities and risks. That has helped him propel Editorial Televisa to greater heights. He graduated from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in 1998 with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. His educational background helps him understand the organizational operations and the involved risks. He served as the Chief of staff in Finance Ministry in the Mexican government between 2000 and 2006. As the Chief Economist and Corporate Vice President of Editorial Televisa, Porfirio Sanchez brings an extensive experience in finance. He also undertook short courses in various fields at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Porfirio Sanchez led Editorial Televisa through its initiative to extend its presence in North America. His company, Editorial Televisa, eventually became one of the leading channels in the Spanish-speaking world. Later on, he formed Univision, an affiliate of Editorial Televisa to reach more Spanish-speakers in the United States. Porfirio Sanchez is an influential person at Editorial Televisa. His dedication and hard work have enabled him to propel Editorial Televisa to a world-class media company. His extensive educational background and decades of experience in the publishing industry have helped him revolutionize Editorial Televisa. He is an important figure of the press company. Again, his prowess and educational background have helped him steer the company in the right direction. He is a force to reckon in the press industry and an inspiration to many aspiring leaders and media personalities.

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