A Look At The Career And Interests Of Dr. Clay Seigall

Dr. Clay Seigall’s blog features a mix of news about sports, science, and articles about other issues he enjoys learning about and sharing with others. Many of his recent blog entries have been about the NFL as the league is gearing up to play its first regular games of the year. One article of interest to him was that the New York Jets have named Josh McCown as their starting quarterback. He won the preseason competition against the other contenders to play QB and will be the starter against the Buffalo Bills.

In another blog entry, Dr. Siegall shared an article that says the New York Giants defensive end Ow Odighizuwa was caught using PEDs. A random drug test turned up positive for PED use and due to this the NFL suspended him for the first four games of the year as a violation of the league’s drug use policy.

Dr. Clay Seigall is the founder and head of his pharmaceutical company, Seattle Genetics. He serves in a number of executive capacities including both the president and chief executive officer positions. He is also the chairman of the company’s board of directors. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics is focused on creating cures for cancer. They develop targeted therapeutics which are designed to kill cancer cells only. These new generation drug treatments are not only much safer than conventional cancer treatment. They are also much more effective at treating this disease and drastically improve the outcomes of patients treated with them.

As one of the leaders in the healthcare industry that are designing targeted drug therapies, Dr. Clay Seigall has also been named as the director of the board of directors for a number of other companies in the industry. Among these are Miran Therapeutics, Inc. and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals. He also serves in this capacity for Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. which has attained an initial public offering and trades under the stock ticker ALDR on the Nasdaq.

Dr. Clay Seigall acquired his Ph.D. in genetics at George Washington University. Prior to this he earned a zoology degree at the University of Maryland.


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