How Kate Hudson Has Helped Make Fabletics Work

Who ever thought that an actress like Kate Hudson would take over the world of retail and active wear? But, Kate Hudson has gone far in making Fabletics a success and while it may be a surprise to some, she has turned into as great a businesswoman as she is an actress.



Right after Kate Hudson took on the role of Almost Famous, she was presented with the opportunity for something that she loved right away—the chance to provide affordable, quality, and stylish active wear. Who knew that this adorable actress who has played charming and lovable roles, time after time, had it in her to be a woman that makes things happen. But, she definitely is making things happen, which is evident by the fact that Fabletics is now a huge company making more than just a splash in the clothing industry.



One of the big reasons that Fabletics has become the huge success that it is, is that it has learned to leverage the power of the crowd. More than many other similar stores, Fabletics has paid a lot of attention to customer demand and feedback. They use data to keep track of what is and isn’t working for their members and they make sure that they are listening.



Because consumers pay a lot of attention to what other consumers are saying, Kate Hudson makes sure that the company takes the time to pay attention to everything that members are saying. One part of making sure that they are doing so is to respond and manage their customers’ reviews. They make sure that their members know that they are involved with how they feel, what they need, and what they are doing to remedy any possible issues.



It’s the same attitude as they had when the company was born. Fabletics was started because the founders saw a need for quality, stylish activewear; clothing that was accessible and they filled that need because they knew it was what customers wanted.



Now, Fabletics is the success it is, because what they do actually works. People want to be able to wear clothes that are made with their needs in mind. Women want to live their active lifestyles and look good doing it and Kate Hudson and her team have kept this in mind.



One way that they ensure their members are getting the clothes that are perfect for their needs is by providing a lifestyle quiz that helps the members put together outfits that are ideal for the type of sport or exercise they enjoy doing, the colors that look good on them, and the differences in their body. For anyone who wants to find activewear that is made with real people in mind, you should take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to get an idea of what they need.

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