Greg Secker


Greg Secker is an English businessperson who teaches others how to trade. Secker is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker. His books include Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success, and was a contributor to The Book of Success, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Success. He has founded the following companies: Learn To Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software. He is also founder of the non-profit organization called The Greg Secker Foundation. Greg Secker became a multi-millionaire in his twenties, and his foundation is set up to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Greg Secker has been running one of Europe’s most successful trading companies which helps average people gain financial freedom, using Learn toTrade as a globally run wealth creation company. As a speaker, Secker has shared the stage with such figures as Donald Trump. He uses the strategies real traders use, simplifying the process so anybody can use it. SmartCharts is the world’s easiest to use trading software, as well as the most powerful. Many feel the software is better than what they used before. Secker is an innovative entrepreneur. His goal is to help average people earn financial freedom using his trading software.

High-powered FX trading can change lives. The opportunity belongs to everybody, with 5 trillion dollars traded daily, to create wealth and financial freedom. Secker started his career in the Thomas Cook Financial Services company, and then he began the foreign exchange business, called the Virtual Trading Desk™. VTD was the first real-time Forex trading platform, which gave customers real-time quotes for foreign exchange transactions. Then he became Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which was a major Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. He has 13 years of speaking experience with 200,000 people attending trading seminars and workshops. He was a prized finalist in the London 2010 Excellence Awards with his Learn to Trade company earning 49th place in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. Learn to Trade has been awarded Best Forex Educator by World Finance Magazine for two years in a row.

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