Facts About OSI Group Industries

As of recent, there are many different well¬-known companies in the United States that serve others every day. Some of which have gained quite a bit of notoriety in America and across the globe. In some cases, these companies are not only recognized widely for the products and services that they supply but also for the number of employees that they employ worldwide. Also, based on the company that many in the business world recognize, there are some things that these companies are especially noted for in the industry in which they serve. One company referenced, in particular, is currently called OSI Group. Starting with humble beginnings in Aurora, Illinois, it is important to note that OSI group was only recognized and known as a neighborhood meat market. Since the year of 1909, this company has grown greatly into one of the largest private business in the U.S.

Aside from being recognized as a large private company that employs over 20,000 employees in several different countries, OSI Group industries also had its initial beginnings with the responsibilities of supplying McDonald’s franchises with the highest quality meat. So, this company is also a big part of the past and present success that McDonalds, one of the largest Franchises in the world, has had to-date.

Having said that, here are some of the most notable facts that you may want to know about OSI Group Industries.

Facts About America’s Top 100 Companies

According to information published by Forbes, OSI Group has surpassed many other countries in their industry. As the 58th largest company in the U.S., many professionals in the business world can appreciate their contributions to the industry as well. For instance, when you review the company’s reputation, you will find that it is highly regarded for both quality services and products.

Further, OSI group industries has grown dramatically over the years in annual sales, to-date, reports have disclosed over 6.1 billion dollars. In addition to the growth and its overall recognition for being one of the best in the industry not only in the U.S. but worldwide. OSI is also known for winning a number of different awards over the years. For instance, if you review the awards that this company has received to -date, you may find that OSI has even been awarded the British Safety’s Council’s Award of Honor in the year 2016.

For details: www.linkedin.com/jobs/osi-industries-jobs

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