Monthly Archives: February 2018
Why More People Trust Talkspace

If you would like to get professional therapy, you might have tried to go and see a therapist in the past. In fact, many doctors recommend to patients with anxiety and depression that they go for routine therapy. This is all well and good until you realize that seeing a therapist on a weekly basis […]

Clay Siegall Shares His Interests on Social Media Platforms

On February 16th, Clay Siegall reposted on his WordPress an article from NPR about popular Marvel superhero movie, Black Panther. The article dives into some very thought provoking questions concerning the political and cultural landscape of America at the current moment, and whether America is ready for a black superhero from a fictional African nation […]

The Times Are Changing

The concept of technology is always waxing and waning, changing constantly in a never-ending race to make the next advancement. We have already seen many changes in the past decade, with new innovations in communication on the top of the list. When we think of innovations in new forms of technology we often think of […]

Subsidiaries of Equities First Holdings

The well known company Equities First Holdings is most spoken about because of their small input but large gains. By giving financial help to both individuals and corporate companies, Equities First is helpful for anyone. By lending capital that is stock secured, the benefits outweigh any doubts. Their backing of subsidiaries to include Equities London […]