Medical Executive Ara Chackerian Finds Balance in Nature through Limonapa Teak

Ara Chackerian is currently an angel investor and philanthropist with expertise in nature who was once the Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics, and vice president of PSS / World Medical. Though it is very rare to find someone who can work in many different sectors like medical and environmental, Ara Chackerian has found a way to integrate local economies, state regulations, and end deforestation through optimal harvesting techniques. Through his company Limonapa Teak, Ara has given jobs to local Nicaraguans while ending the overharvesting of local wood, via crop rotation. Teak wood particularly is prized for its durability and beauty on yachts and boats ,so in addition to creating more supply for this industry and bringing down the price of teak through creating more supply, Ara has found a way to integrate business, wildlife, recreation, and governmental bodies into local economies.


According to Patch, the state of Michigan has implemented a similar practice as Ara. By utilizing the logging method of “forest thinning” and crop rotation, it has added $21,000,000 per year to its budget and prevented deforestation and the destruction of local wildlife. One such example is the species of bird named Kirtland’s Warbler. The Kirtland’s Warbler specifically needs trees which are grouped closer together to provide a habitable environment. Though this goes contrary to what some people prefer aesthetically with trees that are more spaced out while they go for their run, bike, or photography session, this closeness has been a crucial way to strike the balance between all parties interested and maintaining this species of bird.




Forests are crucial not only to wildlife and paper companies which need tree wood, but they are also essential parts of relaxation and feeling more connected with the world for us. One such example is the Japanese government’s recommendation for all citizens to engage in shinrin-yoku, or “Forest Bathing”, which is nothing more than immersing yourself in nature for extended periods of time. And also, from the perspective of art, there have been many famous painters like Monet who understand the importance. Monet loved nature so much and valued it so highly that he created a Lily Pond at his home in Northwest France; His priceless works are now worth millions.


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