How Sheldon Lavin Has Expanded OSI Group Over The Past Four Decades

OSI Group is a food company that was established in 1909 by a German immigrant, Otto Koschowsky. It began as a small meat market and butcher shop located in Chicago. Today it is a global firm with 65 plants scattered around the world. It is wholly owned by Sheldon Lavin who works as this company’s chief executive officer. He focuses on continuously expanding the size of this firm while making sure OSI Groups food is safe. He also makes sure the company follows the highest sustainability standard and follow green practices. He grows the company both organically as well as by acquiring other companies in the industry.

OSI Group started out as Otto & Sons. 1955 was a very important year for this company as it was that year that they started supplying hamburger meat to McDonald’s. In 1973 they started their first plant wholly dedicated to supplying meat to McDonald’s. At the time OSI Group was still owned and operated by Otto’s two sons. They convinced Sheldon Lavin to become a partner of their company and he was named as the new CEO around this time. McDonald’s was just starting to expand globally and so OSI Group did so as well. During the 1980s Sheldon Lavin expanded his company into Taiwan, Spain, Germany, and Austria. In the 1990s he expanded into Poland, the Philippines, Mexico, and China.

It was in the 2000s that Sheldon Lavin began to acquire other companies around the world. He bought a major company in China in 2002 and then bought another one in Australia which marked OSI Group’s entry into that nation. He also bought firms in India and Japan while also expanding OSI Group’s poultry production in the United States.

OSI Group has also entered into joint venture such as one they formed with the UK’s Pickstock to both companies benefit. Sheldon Lavin also formed one with Select Ready Foods in Canada and one with EDEKA in Germany. In 2016, OSI Group bought Baho Food in the Netherlands, Flagship Europe in the UK, and Hynek Schlachthohf GmbH in Germany.

Sheldon Lavin has now been leading OSI Group for four decades and plans to continue leading this company for at least a few more years. He says he is committed to reducing the environmental impact of OSI Group’s business activities, being socially responsible, and building a sustainable supply chain. He also donates money generously to various local and national causes.

About Sheldon Lavin:

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