The Successful Moves of OSI Industries

Most people rarely question where the food they eat come from. Most of the people that have their meals in restaurants and hotels find it unnecessary knowing about the ingredients used in the food they take. With the rise in the number of business organizations offering food products, there is a need for one to be careful about what they feed on.

Finding a trusted supplier of your food product is one of the things one may need. Thanks to the OSI Industries for making it easy for us.

Many individuals have had a chance to get a taste of products from OSI Industries without noticing. OSI has been in operation in the food industry for a long time.

With its headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Industries has been able to grow to international standards. It is now an international organization impacting different regions in the world.

The OSI Industries is a famous business organization with a wide variety of food commodities and services they offer to the consumers. One of the things that have made them famous is the ability to produce high-quality protein. This factor has made the OSI an iconic company in the world of business. Most of the leading food processing companies across the globe use OSI products in processes.

Currently, OSI operates in seventeen countries around the world. The skillful leadership of this group is under CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald.

Several acquisitions have been made in the past by this group. One of the recent purchases made by OSI is the buying of the Baho Food, a Dutch business entity. Baho has several subsidiaries found all over Germany and Netherlands. During the acquisition time, records show that Baho had clients and business setups in more than 18 European countries. The leadership of OSI has better plans for the expansion of Baho.

Besides this acquisition, OSI has also purchased Flagship Europe. This made OSI be able to take over the firm’s production of various products such as condiments and frozen poultry. Through the support that OSI leadership is ready to offer, Flagship Europe is bound to expansion and more revenue realization in their business.

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