Malcolm CasSelle The Technology Expert

OPSkins is an international leader in selling in-game essential assets. The CIO of the organization is Malcolm CasSelle. OPSkins does not only deal with the sale of virtual assets but it is also one of the major merchants when it comes to Bitcoin transaction. The organization has a large number of followers who use their platform to make cross-border payment making it a first campaigner when it comes to demand by the users as well as the size of the market for a localized rule. Despite the fact that OPSkins is a leader in the virtual asset there has been a challenge in technology.

The technology company is taking another step and it is launching new blockchain platform known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). Worldwide Asset eXchange was launched with a primary purpose to allow sellers and buyers to trade the virtual assets effectively. Fraud and fragmentation have been the biggest challenge when it came to virtual trading, but with Worldwide Asst eXchange the problem is solved. WAX has been using a gimmick that allows users to instantly buy and sell virtual assets without clicking off their game. The current virtual asset trading environment strict sellers and buyers to effectively trade due to language barrier security issues as well as the process involved. However, with the use of WAX token will allow buyers and sellers to tokenize and trade on a fraud-free ecosystem.

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange and the CIO of OPSkins. Before his career in Wax and OPSkins, Mr. CasSelle served as the President as well as the CTO of Tronc which was formally known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm has also served in several other organizations including Digital Media at Seachange International, Where he was the Senior Vice President and also the General Manager. Mr. CasSelle has had a successful career in the digital world and he has also helped in the development of several startups among them Xfire, and Mediapass among others.

AT the start of his career Malcolm co-founded PCCW which a publicly traded telecom company located in Hong Kong. The technology expert can speak both Mandarin and Japanese. After his high school graduation, he joined MIT as well as Stanford University where he graduated with degrees in Computer Science.

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