Why William Saito is A Perfect Role Model for Entrepreneurs

As with the famous saying good things come to people who wait, patience is one virtue that every entrepreneur must emulate. Coupled with persistence and the ability to push towards the end of the journey regardless of how complicated it seems, an excellent entrepreneur will always focus on tenacity in order to achieve the best results possible. With that said, there is no better person to illustrate this than the prominent William Saito.

His Early Life

As a young boy, Saito grew up in California under the care of Issei, his father. As he recalls, his father was an entrepreneur majoring in book imports from Japan, their native land. All too often, he would push Saito to study hard in order to gain more knowledge on different subjects. At least on every night, Saito’s father would spend time looking for answers to technical problems that required to be solved. In the morning, he would dedicate time to creating more questions for Saito’s assignment. Of course, the United States of America had several rankings to gauge every student’s ability to handle different tasks.


When it was time to enroll at the junior high school, Saito’s teacher of mathematics called his parents for a meeting. In the meeting, they were told that their son was too intelligent for that particular class. Even more, the teacher suggested that Saito’s parents should get him a computer to help with solving some mathematical tasks. He called it the newfangled computer. Because his parents were inclined to support their son in every way they could, they followed the teacher’s advice and got him a personal computer (PC). At that moment, such computers were slightly expensive. However, given that Saito had proven to be deserving of the machine, his parents decided to sacrifice a lot in order to support his dreams.


After school, Saito started working on multiple computer projects including establishing his first company while in college. Because the project was in high demand, he sold it to Microsoft. Later in the years, he landed various working opportunities in different sectors including program management, cybersecurity, business security, executive management, IT strategy and management consulting among others. Other vital roles he has been involved in include international business management, cloud computing, and software development.

The Outline

William Saito continues to shape his career in the world of security and project management. For this reason and more, he is defined as a perfect mentor for young entrepreneurs who aspire to delve into such careers.

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