Three Pillars Financial Process

Richard Dwayne Blair has been in business for several years. He has various professional certifications and serves as a financial advisor at Wealth Solutions. Blair believes that every person who needs to pursue their financial goals should have a plan. His main objective is to equip the people of Austin, Texas with adequate financial knowledge.

In order to help his clients achieve their financial goals, Richard Blair came up with a three pillars financial solution process. The three phases or processes are meant to help his analyze the client’s current financial situation and make it easy for him to generate a holistic financial strategy that would help them reach their goals.

The first pillar

The main purpose of this pillar is to help in drawing a client’s financial roadmap. There are various things that Richard Dwayne Blair uses to assist him in drawing the roadmap. First of all, he starts by looking at each client’s strengths, goals, existing opportunities for growth and his or her ability to withstand risk. In addition, this financial stage is also designed to help build a strong and long-lasting relationship between Richard Blair and his clients. A strong relationship will help him in gaining a deeper understanding of the client’s set goals and expectations.

The second pillar

The second pillar is important because it is where a long-term and effective investment strategy is formulated. The strategy is designed to align with the client’s distinct goals as well as liquidity needs. It is at this point where Richard Dwayne Blair keenly and actively manages his clients’ assets. For instance, he reallocates them depending on the status of the market to ensure maximum returns and to minimize loses as much as possible.

The third pillar

After establishing a client’s goals and generating a proper plan to help them achieve those goals, Richard Blair finally moves to the final pillar. In this pillar, Blair works closely with the client in overseeing the implementation as well as a review of the client’s previously set goals. It is also in this phases where Richard Blair tracks every client’s performance in terms of financial growth and compares it to their projected goals at the initial stage of the process.

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