Alex Pall Taking Things To New Heights

Before The Chainsmokers existed, Alex Pall worked in an art gallery during the day and at night he became a DJ. While Alex enjoyed working in the art gallery, his true passion was in the music industry. He decided he wanted to dedicate his time and effort into his music career. Shortly after he made this life changing decision, the manager Alex Pall hired, Adam Alpert, introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and together they formed The Chainsmokers.


Creating a band together was likely intimidating at first. However, from the beginning there was a common understanding between Pall and Taggart that they meshed and would work well together; they knew this for a couple of different reasons. First, they both have a firm understanding of their own, and each other’s, talents and what abilities they bring to the table. Second, they both are passionate about and have the drive to be successful. Third, the duo is willing to work until and long after their success becomes a reality. Fourth, in order to stay current and relevant, they are both willing to, as far as their music goes, try new things.


The willingness to try new things has helped the duo evolve their music. To begin with, they created dance music that’s sound was consistent with what was popular. However, as they gained experience and developed their skills, they want and are willing to try new things and a create a sound that is unique to them. The new sound they created is a mixture of indie, dance music, pop music, and hip-hop, a sound that outside the norm.


In addition to their music, Pall and Taggart, continue to try new things and push themselves to new heights when it comes to their live events. As they have become more popular and their fan base has expanded they have had to increase the number of live shows they put on. As they travel around the world, visiting some places for the second or third time, they strive to give their audience an entirely new show and experience, requiring them to try new things and think outside the box.

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