Technologically Advancing Classrooms With ClassDojo

The first classroom schooling in what now is known as The United States was established in 1635 and was known as the Boston Latin school. More than 380 years later, much hasn’t changed in the classroom environment. There is still a few dozen students per teacher in one room with desks and chairs. It is interesting that there have been major innovations in almost every other field in the American Culture, except the education system. Logic would tell us that education is one of the most important areas of our culture that would require constant improvement and innovation. The ClassDojo platform is one such innovation that has taken the initiative in providing a valuable and innovative resource to the modern day classroom.

The ClassDojo platform is an app that allows and empowers parents to have better communication with the teachers who are responsible for their children for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The mission and reason that propels ClassDojo is the building of a closer and more understanding community of teachers, school leaders, and families. ClassDojo is already being utilized by about 90% of American school districts and is available in 35 different languages. It has also been distributed to 180 countries worldwide.

Another impressive fact about ClassDojo is its ability to facilitate communication between parents and teachers, even if the parents are not fluent in English. As if that weren’t impressive enough, ClassDojo also provides the availability of pictures and videos of students from teachers to parents. Not only that, ClassDojo has student statistics and reports made by teachers readily available for parents to view at any time.

This tool that is used to help support and develop the skill set of any and all possible students is an example of forward thinking. It’s ability to implement modern day technological resources for the cause of improving the education system is a noble deed indeed. Through the use of the ClassDojo platform, a more positive classroom culture will emerge, creating a closer knit educational community and, at the same time, empowering those parents who feel out of touch and not as involved with their children’s educational future.

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