The Main Investment Pillar at Fortress Group; Peter Briger

Other than being a Chief Executive Officer at the Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has also been appointed by numerous companies as a board member. However, this has not been done out of favor or any underhand methods. It has been through specific qualifications that he possesses, both from school education and working experience.Since he left college from the University of Pennsylvania’s where he did his business administration masters, Peter Briger most of his career life has been spent in the investment industry. This was after obtaining his undergraduate qualification from Princeton University. Briger’s first employer was Goldman Sachs, a banking and investment company with a vast customer base within the whole of America and internationally.

This financial institution equipped Briger with the necessary aptitude that he could later require in his next career step.Various responsibilities were trusted on him, varying from management to operations and even leadership. While working for Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger got promoted to top positions in the company, owing to his outstanding personality and expertise. He also enrolled in several pieces of training which helped him learn the fundamental concepts relating to various finance and investment sector, an aspect that tremendously increased his versatility. The main sectors of focus were real estate, hedge fund management, credit fund and permanent investment strategies. Later, his employer was inspired by Peter’s proficiency and decided to enter into a partnership with him. Today, Briger is a partner of Goldman Sachs Bank.

After discovering the considerable potential and investment versatility that lied in Briger, Fortress Investment Group decided to recruit him so that he could transform the company. He shifted to Fortress in the year 2002 and joined Randal Nardone and Wes Edens as a co-Principal. Private equity was the main and only investment strategy that Fortress Group had adopted since its foundation. No sooner had he started his operations than the company changed to an alternative investment manager. Other investment strategies were immediately introduced that led to the diversification of the company’s portfolio. The additional assets included hedge funds, real estate, capital and credit fund. Peter Briger also spearheaded the event that saw Fortress Investment Group go public in the year 2007.

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