Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Help Women

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, an empowering website for women. It deals with dating but it also deals with the pursuit of women making friends with each other. When it comes to dating, what makes Bumble a tool of female empowerment is the fact women have a dominant role in choosing. This is empowering because of the fact that, throughout history, women have had courting decisions made for them. Many or most societies have been patriarchal to the point where decisions for women were designated for males to make, and there has always been a level of underlying hostility toward women. There have also always been double standards directed toward women where they are always criticized, and the criticism stems back from one-sided, resentful feelings against females.

Something like Bumble needs to exist because of the fact that women are in a position where they are physically weaker, and were a combination of nature and nurture creates a tendency for men to prey upon them. This can be very intimidating for women. It is a breathe of fresh air to know that the ball is in women’s courts when it comes to how Bumble operates. Throughout society, women who have taken leadership in their lives have been looked at as dysfunctional, un-lady-like and immediately morally wrong. Services like Bumble create a more dignified atmosphere in the world for women.

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Bumble website was founded in 2014, two years after Tinder. Whitney Wolfe was actually a co-founder of Tinder. She cofounded it with her boyfriend, though. However, Whitney Wolfe left Tinder around the time that she founded Bumble. Her boyfriend had also left Tinder due to reasons having to do with his improper behavior.

As the success of Bumble shot through the roof, Match Group took notice. Match group attempted to sue Whitney Wolfe, though she filed a countersuit. The company had attempted to accuse her of copying the idea of Tinder.

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